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Leaking Water Heater Fixed in Northampton, PA


A leaking water heater is never something that you want to experience in your home. At best, it’s water damage waiting to happen, plus a waste of your hot water. At worst, it can be a symptom of greater problems to come with your water heater, leaving you without hot water entirely. When you notice a leak, it’s crucial to call in an expert plumber right away! That’s what our customer in Northampton, PA did. We were able to get our technician Chuck out to their house the very next day to take a look at things.

Upon inspecting the water heater, Chuck saw that water was leaking from the heater’s T&P valve, as well as from the hot water side. The water pressure in the house was also off, exacerbating the problem. After explaining what needed to be done, Chuck fixed the pressure and replaced the water heater with a new one that had an expansion tank. The whole project took about five hours and in the end, our customer was very happy with the work done!

Read Cameron’s review on BBB.

“Contacts Schuler Service as I noticed water dripping from hot water heater. Schuler sent out Chuck the next day who diagnosed the problem right away. He also identified a problem with the water pressure coming into the house. All issues were clearly explained to me with my options. After finalizing the fixes, Chuck completed the work, cleaned up everything and reviewed everything with me again to ensure I was satisfied. Thank you!”

We’re always happy to provide great work and help our customers get the plumbing in their homes back to normal again. If you’re dealing with a leaky water heater like this, make sure you contact Schuler Service to discuss the problem!

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