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Leaking Pipe Repair in Fogelsville, PA | Schuler Services


A leaky pipe can cause significant headaches for homeowners, especially when it starts seeping into the basement. This was the exact predicament faced by one customer, prompting them to seek the expertise of Jim, our seasoned plumber.

Jim determined the root cause of the leak and formulated a plan of action. The following morning, Dylan and Noah arrived at the customer’s residence. With sweltering temperatures exceeding 90 degrees, they embarked on the challenging task of digging a 4×4 hole to access the troublesome pipes. They diligently replaced the faulty pipes and their meticulous efforts spanned a grueling 8 hours.

“With a pipe leaking into my basement, I called Schuler,” the customer stated in their review. “Jim arrived shortly and diagnosed the problem quickly. The following morning, Noah and Dylan arrived at 8, hand excavating a 4’x4’ hole, over 5’ down in humid 90-degree weather without complaint. The leaking pipe was replaced, and I had water by the afternoon. They were professional yet caring and thoroughly cleaned up my entryway and basement floors. I’ve dealt with Schuler for 50 years and have always been happy.” At Schuler Service, we’re always happy to provide speedy and professional service to help our customers get their plumbing back on track! If you’re also dealing with issues with your pipes or sewer lines, Schuler can help you out today!

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