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Humidity in your home

Is Humidity Ruining Your Home?


Is Humidity Ruining Your Home?


We’re currently in Pennsylvania’s stage two summer. We’re hitting the high 80s everyday and the forecast is calling for 100° weather in the coming weeks. Nt only is it hot, it’s wet. Some areas in Berks county as essentially under water. Besides the obvious discomfort, this weather brings something else with it: high humidity. Humidity won’t just make your home stuffy and you sweaty, it can do some serious damage. Warped wood floors, peeling paint, mold, and mildew are just some of the damaging things high humidity can do to your home. 

At Schuler Service we want to ensure that all our customers are protected, and those who live in new homes and old are all at risk. 

So, What is High Humidity

Humidity, to put it simply, is the water vapor in the air. So, when the air retains more water vapor the environment — your house — will feel more humid. High humidity is when the air is completely saturated with water vapor. It’s key that you have low to medium humidity in your house, but unfortunately we tend to get stuck in extremes. The opposite of high humidity is low, that’s obvious, but it’s important to know that dry conditions can damage your home too.

For reference, you want your home’s humidity to fall around 45-55 percent humidity on a 100 point scale. 

Why Is My House So Humid?

There are a lot of reasons why you might have high humidity in, but in the summer there is one major culprit: your air conditioner. “What, my air conditioner?” We hear you saying; yes, your air conditioner. 

You see, your AC is actually the main way humidity escapes your home, but if it’s not working it will actually trap some of that moisture. The first step in combating humidity is to call a professional and have them come inspect your air conditioner. 

Here are some of the other major causes of high humidity:

Everyday water use: Your daily routine can impact your home’s humidity. Regular day to day chores like cooking, washing dishes, running the washing machine, and taking a shower (we don’t consider showering a chore, it just happened to fit in here) all add humidity to your home’s air. Usually these regular activities aren’t going to create any issues, but if the air isn’t circulated properly you will find yourself suffering from the dreaded high humidity.

Leaking pipe in house causing high humidity  

Leaks: If you have cracks and leaks in your home, water is going to get in. That’s the thing about water, it always finds a way. Take a walk around your house — bring a flashlight it’s more official that way — and look for any leaky pipes, cracked roof tiles, or loose fittings. You’d be surprised just a single slow leak can send your humidity through the roof. 

Rising damp: Sound pretty dastardly? It is. Rising damp is a lot rarer than leaks, but it is a lot more serious. Rising damp is the moisture that comes up from the ground and through the porous bricks and masonry that hold your home together. It’s literally moisture crawling out of the ground: zombie moisture — any plumbers worst nightmare. Keep your eyes peeled for mold, rotting window frames, flaky plaster, or wet patches on your walls. 

Breathing and sweating: Yeah, literally just breathing and sweating will add to your home’s humidity. We’re sorry to be bearers of bad news, but these are the facts. 

There’s Alotta Damage

Humidity makes you uncomfortable, that’s for sure, but it’s going to cause a lot of damage as well. The first thing you’ll notice is mold and mildew. This stuff thrives in humid environments, and if your air’s moist your better believe it’s going to work it’s way into your home. Mold can cause serious damage to your house, but it can also seriously damage your health. If you see mold, don’t delay!

High humidity can also warp your wood floors. Did you just install some, or maybe you uncovered some that a maniac covered in carpet. Well, buckle up because if you don’t your wood will. Humidity can cause your hardwood floors to literally buckle up and form ridges. It will pretty much destroy the wood. 

Love the paint in your home? Humidity doesn’t care about you. Your paint will start to peel and chip. It’s a hard sight to see, and to be honest the result is rather unsightly. Do you still have wallpaper? Kiss it goodbye. Humidity will take it right off the walls. 

How to Get Rid Of High Humidity 

Luckily there’s a lot you can do to deal with humidity in your home. It’s a good idea to take as many preventative measures as possible, because trust us high humidity isn’t worth the hassle. 

Get a dehumidifier: Dehumidifiers do a great job of removing moisture from the air, and you can buy one that will serve your entire house rather than just a single room. You want to make sure your dehumidifier is in a central location in the house and as close to the center of the room as possible. This will maximize its effectiveness. 

Proper ventilation: Washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, wherever there’s a lot of moisture you want to make sure it’s properly ventilated. Consider getting an exhaust fan or simply cracking a couple windows. This will help stop humidity in its tracks.

Weatherstripping: If you weather strip your doors and windows it will create an airtight seal and prevent a lot of the humidity from seeping in. A benefit is that you will save on heating and cooling expenses as the air will stay inside.

Contact Schuler Service: The best course of action is to get in touch with us. We are professionals and we know how to find the problem and fix it fast. It’s not worth it to risk your health, home, and happiness. Get rid of that high humidity today!

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