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How to Tell If You Have Hard Water – And What to Do About It


Hard water, it’s water but hard. We deal with this problem by beating it up with a sledgehammer; it’s the only true way to dismantle this harmful, hard H20. We’re kidding, it’s not actually that easy, and it doesn’t work like that at all. Hard water isn’t literally hard, that would be ice. But, don’t let the fact that it isn’t rigid fool you into believing that it’s not something that’s hard to deal with.

Hard water is actually your standard water, H20, but with unwanted additives. These additives are typically minerals and other contaminants from the ground. We hear you saying, “But, I thought mineral water was healthy.” While it’s true that some minerals in your water can provide health benefits, there are other things in hard water you should be worried about: bacteria.

Hard water can damage your health and seriously damage some of your appliances. Here’s a list of some of the stand out symptoms of hard water in your home.

Hard Water Calcium Deposit

Your Shower Suffers

You used to love showertime, the bathroom became your own personal sauna and the warm water washed away your worries. Lately though, showers have been less than satisfying. The water pressure is lacking and it’s almost like you can’t get a good rinse after you lather up.

You look up the showerhead to see if there’s something going on and that’s when you see it: strange white stains. This crud is actually mineral build up. The mineral deposits on your shower head are a great visual representation of what’s swimming around in your water.

The minerals make it harder for you to get clean, they damage the shower, and could very well be responsible for that bad hair day last week. Hard water doesn’t rinse away soap very well, and that’s why you’ve felt as though there’s been a film on you.

Sipping on Stink

Is there a stink coming from your sink? Does it taste like dirt when you have a drink? Hard water can cause a strange odor in your water, and the really bad news here is that it means you have a bacterial contaminant. The sediment in your pipes could be serving as healthy ground for algae to grow in. This will give your water a moldy after taste, and we’re not doctors but we imagine drinking mold isn’t a great health choice.

If your water smells like rotten eggs that likely hydrogen sulfide gas or a reaction from magnesium and certain bacterium. Either way, not something you want to put in your body. A metallic taste is literally just that: iron.

Don’t get down with funky flavor, fix the problem before you start having more.

Clogged Pipes

Showerheads aren’t the only thing that can get clogged up thanks to hard water. This sediment rich aqua can cause serious plumbing issues too. These deposits build up inside your pipes like plaque inside an artery. The crud hardens and constricts the flow of water which will cause backups that could even lead to bursts.

plumber at work

Steel pipes are the most vulnerable here, so if you live in an older place you should definitely be on the lookout. This kind of problem is easy to prevent, but if you let it go on too long it will cause a lot of headaches, damage, and costs.

Itchy Skin

Have you been unbearably itchy lately? It seems like no matter how much you scratch, cover yourself in lotion, or ignore it the problem never goes away. You’re not losing it, and you certainly haven’t contracted some incurable skin ailment. The problem is your water.

Remember we said that hard water has a hard time rinsing away soap. Well, because the water doesn’t get all the soap off of your body it dries your skin out. Not only that, but mineral deposits left on your skin can suck the moisture right out of you.

This can actually make eczema symptoms far worse, in fact studies have shown that hard water can actually increase the risk of developing eczema in elementary-aged children.

Appliances Wear Out

Ready to spend some money? No? Well too bad, you have hard water and it’s going to wreak havoc on your home appliances. The mineral deposits in your dishwasher and water heater are going to make things far less efficient. Your bills will go up, and eventually you will have to replace them entirely.

What You Can Do

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If you’re tired of the hard water blues, give us a call. We will come out asap and test you water then lay out a tailor made plan for fixing the issue.

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