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How to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Market


If you’re planning on listing your home for sale this year, it’s time to start shaping the house up for the market! The effort you put into getting your home ready for potential buyers to view and assess it will make all the difference in how well the sale of your house goes. You might be thinking “I’m going to be moving out soon, what’s the point of putting the extra work in?” but what you’re really trying to do is make the home seem appealing enough to potential buyers that they can see themselves living there. The more people can do this, the faster your house will sell, which is a good thing! If your house stays on the market for a long time, it can make it really difficult to sell. 


Luckily, getting your house ready to go on the market is not something you have to do alone! Schuler Service offers many different plumbing and remodeling services that can help to get your house in shape for viewers. Here are some of the things we can help you with!

Check for Leaks

Plumbing issues are going to put a potential buyer off of your house from the start, which is definitely something you’ll want to avoid. Dripping faucets and leaky pipes will definitely get noticed, as will clogged drains or dishwashers that leave puddles on the floor. Run through your house and look for puddles and patches of moisture, mold or mildew, bad smells, and other things that might indicate a leak or plumbing problem that you don’t already know about. Then, call up a plumber like Schuler to help you fix the issues!

Refresh the Walls

Think back on the last time you were shopping for a house. There was probably one you visited that you remembered and referred to as “that one with the ugly yellow bathroom” or something similar. That’s exactly what you want to avoid potential buyers associating with your house! If you have dingy, peeling wallpaper that’s twenty years out of fashion in your living room or sad beige paint in the kitchen that makes the whole room look dingy no matter how clean it is, now is the time to change it out for something new that will make your space seem open, clean, and welcoming!

Make Small Repairs

Little changes can make a really big difference. It’s worth taking a look at your home with a critical eye to try and get a fresh idea of small issues that you just gloss right over. After all, when you see it and deal with it every day, you’re naturally going to take a lot less notice of a cracked tile or a sticking door jamb, but to someone viewing your house, these things will stick out like a sore thumb. Changing long-dead light bulbs, fixing windows that won’t open and cabinets that won’t stay closed, and patching holes in the wall will all help to make the experience of a potential buyer more positive.

Replace Outdated Fixtures

If the last time you updated the faucets, cabinet and drawer handles, and doorknobs in your house was three or four presidents ago, they probably could use a refresh. Not only will newer fixtures look more modern and appealing to potential buyers, they’re also likely to be cleaner and more efficient, making them less likely to stick or make noises they shouldn’t. This can apply to your lighting fixtures as well– an outdated chandelier can do a lot of damage to your home’s appearance and appeal. A plumber and remodeler like Schuler can help you to get those old fixtures switched out for newer, better ones!


With a good cleaning and these small updates, your home will be ready to hit the market this spring and sell fast! If you’re interested in getting any of these updates added to your home to help increase its value, contact Schuler Service today. We’ll help you get started!

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