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Couple Taking a Break from Their Remodeling Project

How to Live With an Ongoing Home Remodeling Project


Like it or not, the process of going through any type of home remodeling project can be long and stressful in many different ways. While some people may focus on expenses, decor, and the look of the finished product, there are all sorts of different factors that could make a remodel challenging.

At Schuler Service, we’re always interested in performing at the highest level of quality, but we also understand that certain projects can be a bit disruptive to your routine. In an effort to alleviate this, Schuler is here to give you a few key tips on how you can keep your life on track even while your home is going through significant renovations.

Make Your Voice Heard

At Schuler Service, our employees will always put your concerns first. That’s why it’s so important that you speak with us regarding any concerns you may have before your project gets under way.

By all means, we encourage you to speak with our workers directly about elements of your remodel that are crucial for you. This includes establishing acceptable working hours, reinforcing safety measures, and expressing your opinions and thoughts every step of the way.

Our employees are extremely professional, and we just want to ensure that everything is expected to go according to your plans. Once the project is underway, these specific issues can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, and that’s why it’s important to speak up early and often.

Separate Project Areas From Livable Areas

It should come as no surprise that remodeling projects can be messy. Depending on the level of work being completed, you are likely to encounter sawdust, drywall and insulation particles, and lose materials like screws, nails, etc.

In light of this fact, we would advise you to keep your renovation areas as separate as possible from your living areas until the project is completed.

Doing things like covering your air ducts, turning off unnecessary heating, air-conditioning, and plumbing units, and sectioning off non-project areas can significantly reduce whatever stressful situations may arise while your kitchen or bathroom remodel is ongoing.

Keep Your Possessions Safe From Accidental Damage

Though the employees at Schuler Service are always extremely cautious and careful during any home project, there is no accounting for accidents.

During particularly intense renovations, it is typically a good idea to remove any and all of your valuable, important, or fragile items to a more secure location. In doing so, you are much more likely to avoid accidental damage to them.

Items like framed photos, prized knick-knacks, or expensive electronics should be removed from the line of fire and placed in a secure location. Likewise, other household items such as your furniture or hard-wood floors, should be covered up with plastic or otherwise protected from debris.

Prepare Other Rooms For Essential Use

Many home remodeling projects take place in rooms that are typically essential to your daily routine. This can include kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

If you are planning to continue living in your home throughout the entire process of a home remodel, then it is extremely important to ensure that your daily activities are not interrupted. One smart way to do this is to prepare other, non-project rooms for essential use.

For example, setting up a makeshift kitchen in another part of your home will allow you to continue preparing meals while work is ongoing in your actual kitchen. Additionally, ulterior options for hygiene may be worth considering when planning an extended bathroom remodel.

Consider Leaving Your Home Temporarily

Sometimes, living with an ongoing home renovation can pose too great of a challenge. Sure, you know it will be incredible when finished, but the road to getting there can sometimes be a little rocky.

One of the best ways to take your mind off of potential struggles is to take off for a while. You can try to make the best of this situation by going out to eat more often, visiting distant relatives, or even planning a full-blown vacation.

Sometimes, going forward with a home remodeling project can be the perfect opportunity to branch out, take a break, or try something new.

At Schuler Service, we’ve been serving the Greater Allentown area for almost 100 years. From kitchen renovations to bathroom remodeling to fully constructed home additions, we are fully prepared to meet your every standard.

If you’d like to get in touch with us about that home remodeling project you’ve been putting off, don’t hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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