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How to Improve Your Water Pressure


Having poor water pressure in your home can be a real challenge. Nothing is more frustrating or unsatisfying than trying to do basic things like take a shower or wash the dishes when your water pressure just isn’t up to snuff. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to improve the water pressure in your home. Here’s some good ones to try!

Check for Leaks

When the water pressure in your house is causing problems, you’ll want to verify that you don’t have any leaks in your plumbing. Looking for damp patches, puddles, or musty smells is always a good start, but if you don’t find anything and you still think there may be a leak, turn off all of your faucets and any other appliances that use water and check your water meter. Go a few hours without turning anything on and then check the meter again. If the readings are different, you’ve got a leak.

Check Your Water Supply Valve

Your water supply valve is usually somewhere near your water meter and might be the sneaky culprit of lower water pressure in the house. If the valve isn’t turned all the way on, it won’t let enough water into your system. When you locate your valve, turn it off and on a few times to make sure you have it open as far as it can go, and then check to see if this has helped your water pressure at all.

Clean Your Faucets and Showerheads

This one is an especially useful tip if you find that you don’t have issues with low pressure over your whole house but just in a particular fixture. It’s possible that a buildup of mineral deposits like limestone is blocking the flow in the particular faucet or showerhead where you’re having the problem. This is especially common in areas with hard water. Rust and sediment buildup can also obstruct your fixtures. Taking off the aerator or the filter and giving that and the whole fixture a good clean is not only a good habit to be in, but it may help your water pressure.

Time Your Water Usage

It’s possible that your issue can be very easily resolved with a little forethought and scheduling. Putting too many simultaneous demands on your water supply can result in low pressure, so think back on the times where you’ve noticed the problem and try to remember what else in the house might’ve been using water at the time. If you’re trying to wash the dishes while running a load of laundry and a family member is taking a shower at the same time, the water pressure is bound to suffer for it. You can help to mitigate this with a little bit of planning and a quick house meeting, making sure everyone knows not to put too many demands on the water at once.

Contact the Professionals 

At a certain point in the process of trying to improve your water pressure, it just becomes time to call in a plumber. If you’ve found a leak then you’ll need to call in the professionals anyway, but they may also be able to do other things that will help the problem, like install a pressure booster to help the issue, clear or replace pipes, or replace a broken pressure regulator.

When you’re dealing with a frustrating issue like low water pressures, you need a plumber that you can trust. If you live near Allentown, PA, Schuler Services will be able to help you. Our highly trained technicians have seen it all and will be able to help you get your water pressure, or any other plumbing problem you run into, back up to par. Contact us today to discuss your issue and get on track to finding a solution.

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