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How often should I have my water heater checked out?


Signs Your Water Heater Is In Need Of Repairs



Water HeaterWhen your water heater goes down, it becomes evident, but sometimes it doesn’t give definite signs of need for repairs. Some obvious signs would be you end up taking cold showers without wanting to and your dishes in the dishwasher do not seem as clean. However, what are some less obvious signs that your water heater needs repairs?

– Usage and Water Quality

One of the things that can break your water heater down faster is if you are living within an area that has hard water, or they commonly deal with mineral buildup, this gets inside your tank clogging the pipelines and could potentially shorten the life of your unit. Also, if you deal with a growing family, this can have an impact on your water heater.

– Aging

The majority of all water heaters will come with a five to 10-year warranty. However, you should never work on the water heater yourself because this voids your warranty. If you have a water heater that is 15 to 20 years old and it clangs and knocks, then it might be time to get a new water heater. Also, if you have difficulties with maintaining a perpetual temperature, then it might be time to reconsider.


When a water heater starts to leak, understand that this cannot be done alone. You need to call a professional plumber right away. What they will do is replace the tank. Signs of a leaking tank would be mysterious water near the tank. Replace this as soon as possible to prevent flooding and damage to your home.

– Rusty Water and No Hot Water

Rusty water can be another indication that there is an issue with your water heater. This usually indicates that rust (Sometimes dirt can do this too) has seeped into the tank, and it is going into your water. The most obvious indication that you need a new water heater would be if the heater is no longer producing hot water. In any of these situations, you want to call a plumber quickly. Calling a plumber to fix the problem ensures that it does not snowball and turn into a larger problem than before.

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