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How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?


The Time it Takes to Repipe a Bathroom


RepipingAs houses age, the pipes in bathrooms can rust or corrode. This can lead to leaks or, in a worst case scenario, flooding. If the pipes in your bathroom are leaking, do not look for temporary solutions. You need to look into a more permanent solution: repiping.
Replacing the pipes in your bathroom may sound like a daunting, time consuming task. In reality, the time it takes to replace the pipes depends on several factors, such as the condition of the pipes, the types of pipes you want to replace the originals with, if you or a professional will be doing the replacing, and if the current pipes are up to standard.
Naturally, the worse the pipes are, the longer and more expensive the replacement will be. If you notice excessive rust, corrosion or leakage, the pipes should be replaced as soon as possible.
How long replacement takes depends on the material the pipes are made out of. Copper pipes are more expensive and take longer to replace. They also cannot be interlinked with PEX piping, a flexible material that plumbers can use to limit damage to walls. Other materials can be interlinked with PEX, so the replacement may only take one day.
Another factor is if the pipes are exposed or not. Exposed pipes give a plumber easy access to them, while pipes that are in the walls are harder to access. Walls will have to be demolished carefully so the pipes are not damaged further. Demolition takes hours at the least and a day at the most. PEX pipes can limit demolition and shorten replacement time.
Another factor is who is replacing the pipes. If you are doing it on your own and have little experience, replacement will take longer. If you are experienced or a professional is replacing them, less time will be needed.
The final factor is if the current pipes meet regulations. If they do, removing them will be easy. If not, it will take more time and a new plumbing structure will have to be configured. After all these factors are evaluated, a more precise replacement time can be determined.
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