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How do drain cleaners work?


Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Allentown Drain Cleaning Yet, often times, by using these chemical cleaners, people unknowingly set into motion a much more dangerous set of problems, problems that are worse than the blocked drains they were initially attempting to treat.

Even when they are used correctly, chemical drain cleaners pose risks that can be devastating to those who use them, in many ways. To start, these cleaners are quite often ineffective. Although many chemical drain cleaners are capable of effectively clearing pipes of hair and food particles, for more difficult clogs or for blockages that are further down the drain, these corrosive cleaners produce little to no results.

More often than not, even as these cleaners fail to dissolve tough clogs, they succeed at destroying pipes and sewer systems. Holes and breakages can occur in pipes even after one use of these toxic products, setting homeowners up for major expenses. Long term costs of chemical drain cleaners, and the extensive damage they cause, is considerably more than the cost of paying a plumber to clear a drain.

The toxic active ingredients in many drain cleaners are designed to corrode anything they come into contact with. They can potentially wreak havoc on the health of anyone that is exposed to them. A plumber, for example, who is finally called in, after one of these ineffective cleaners has been poured down the drain, can pass out if he inhales the fumes from one of these cleaners. If it touches his skin, his skin will burn.

If swallowed, drain cleaners cause severe abdominal cramping and breathing difficulties. If they come into contact with eyes, they can cause blindness. The next time you find yourself in need of assistance with a clogged drain, please consider calling a plumber. Although using a chemical drain cleaner may seem to be a quick and easy solution, the long term risks may not be worth the short term benefits.

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