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How can I take care of the drains in my home?


Maintaining Your Drains Is Simple!


Allentown PlumberHousehold drains seem to have a mind of their own at times, so it’s hard to tell what they’ll do next. Routine maintenance and cleaning can make a huge difference in preventing future problems and save home owners money at the same time. From time to time kitchen and bathroom sinks can get clogged by grease, hair and other substances, so following a few simple steps can help. It is easy to treat and prevent these issues using items you already have at home.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks can become blocked for various reasons, so different approaches should be taken for each of them. Plain table salt can be used for cleaning bathroom drains. Home owners can pour at about one tablespoon of salt into the bathroom drain followed by one-fourth cup of plain white vinegar, then let it sit for at least an hour. After that run hot water to clear out all the loose materials from the drain. Repeating this process again can help achieve better results.

Kitchen drains with grease build-up can be cleared by using liquid dish detergent and a large amount of boiling water. Squirt about one tablespoon of detergent in the sink followed by pouring small amounts of hot boiling water in the drain behind it. The rapidly boiling water will melt grease accumulations while the dish detergent helps to dissolve it, allowing the boiling water to clear it away. If the grease is really built-up, try repeating this step a couple of times.

When running the garbage disposal, use large amounts of cold water instead of hot because cold water will keep grease and oils in a solid form which can then be broken up by the garbage disposal. Use hot water after you have already run the disposal to help remove the remaining grease deposits that may have formed. Putting hot water down your kitchen and bathroom drains at least weekly can go a long way to keeping them flowing freely. To keep your drain clear after you clean them out in this method, pour some bleach into the sink from time to time and let it sit overnight before running water down the drain again.

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