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Hot Water Heater Replacement


An effective and fast hot water heater is an essential appliance in any home. Without proper access to hot water, daily tasks like showers, baths, cooking, and cleaning can become difficult and uncomfortable. This is especially true during the colder months, when hot water becomes even more critical for maintaining comfort and cleanliness. We’re excited to share that one of our recent success stories focused on helping a customer in Bethlehem, PA, who was struggling with an insufficient hot water supply.

More specifically, their home had a soaking tub that required a large amount of hot water to fill and maintain at comfortable temperatures. However, the house’s old water heater wasn’t capable of supplying the necessary amount of hot water when they needed it. To address this issue, our Schuler Service experts recommended and installed two Navien tankless water heaters.

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Before the installation could begin, we checked to make sure whether any other important systems in the home needed attention first, and sure enough our customer needed natural gas installed from their utility company before we could get started. Afterward, our experts began installing the new tankless water heaters right away.

These tankless options are built to provide hot water on demand, allowing homeowners to have a continuous supply of hot water without running out. The installation process required our team to carefully disconnect the existing electric water heater and replace it with the new Navien models.

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