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What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Easton PlumberClogged pipes can happen in a home at any time. They are frequently the result of an accumulation of debris and residue from food, soap, shampoo, or hair that makes its way down the drain.

When these clogs occur, homeowners are usually compelled to use chemical drain cleaners to remove it. These drain cleaners can be effective in the short term, but there also a number of dangers associated with them.

Facts of the Dangers

One of the dangers that chemical commercial drain cleaners present is their basic toxicity. These cleaners contain a number of chemicals that are highly toxic and corrosive, including bleach, potassium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid.

Homeowners who use these chemicals need to be extremely careful about not getting any of these cleaners on any of the surfaces of their home, their clothes, or their skin, because of the risk of damage and chemical burns.

There is the danger that these chemicals can get splashed into a person’s eyes, or can be breathed in accidentally and cause damage to the respiratory system. If these chemicals get on the surfaces within the home, they can also cause damage, particularly if the affected surfaces are made of fiberglass, wood, or aluminum.

Other Issues to Take Into Consideration

Another issue with chemical drain cleaners is the effectiveness they have in solving the problem of clogged drains. If the clog in question is reasonably close to the surface, these cleaners can help dissolve it, but they are less effective if the blockage occurs in a deeper part of the pipes.

It is unlikely to be obvious to the homeowner where the clog is relative to the surface, and the possibility exists that they will waste their money using a chemical drain cleaner to clear a blockage that can’t be cleared with this method.

In addition, over time, with use of these chemicals, the pipes experience greater amounts of damage than they would if other plumbing methods had been used. The Easton Drain Cleaning Servicesstrong chemicals that these cleaners contain can cause the pipes to corrode, as well, which damages the entire plumbing system.

Lastly, chemical drain cleaners get washed down the drain and into the water supply, where it can cause environmental pollution.

Homeowners who have sink or drain blockages would be better off contacting a plumbing company in order to clear their clogs.

Professional plumbers have access to techniques that do not require pouring dangerous chemicals down the drain, and these are more effective and better for the health of the pipes in the long term.

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