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Fixtures and Heaters in Allentown, PA | Schuler Service


Hot water is one of those modern conveniences that you don’t think too hard about until you’re faced with the possibility of it not being there for a while, and then you panic! From your morning shower to washing the dinner dishes, a huge portion of the things you do throughout the day rely on hot running water, and so any changes that need to happen in your home to maintain your access to it are vital. 


For one of our costumes in Allentown, PA, we completed two relevant tasks– we repaired some faucets in their home, and we cleaned the heat exchanger on their tankless water heater. The heat exchanger is the part of the water heater that the water flows through in order to be warmed, and it needs to be cleaned occasionally to keep it running properly, since mineral buildup can make them less efficient. From start to finish, the job took about 5 hours for our technician Chuck to complete. 


Our customers in Allentown were very happy to have the work completed, so that they could have peace of mind knowing their hot water was always accessible. If you’re struggling with inefficient tankless water heaters or malfunctioning faucets like they were, we can help you today! Contact our team and we’ll set up an appointment to get you back on track.

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