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Faulty Sewer Line in Allentown, PA


A faulty sewer line can be the beginning of a nightmare. That’s why we responded fast to a customer’s call recently when they told us they may have a backed-up sewer system that could lead to much larger—and messier—problems.

The customer told us over the phone that they were dealing with a backed-up sewer line. Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the situation, our team of experts consisting of Brian, John, Shawn, and Jim promptly responded to resolve the problem. 

Given that the house in question was older, the task at hand involved more than a simple repair. The team encountered numerous obstacles, as the aging infrastructure required extensive replacements and repairs. Accessing the pipes proved to be a considerable challenge, adding to the complexity of the job.

Our team diligently worked for six days to ensure they could meticulously repair the sewer line and restore proper functionality and leave the customer satisfied.

“I had a sewer line backup in my historic home,” the customer stated in their review. “The system is ancient and not easily accessible, making the techs job difficult. They hit many obstacles during attempts to work through lines but remained upbeat and motivated until the line was cleared. Brian, John, Shawn and Jim explained everything they were doing, gave informed answers to my questions leaving me with a better understanding of how the system works. Brian gave me his tablet, so I was able to watch as he operated the video camera. He left a copy with me. Also…the Schuler team seemed to have better equipment than plumbers I’ve used prior. I highly recommend Schuler Services!”

At Schuler, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and provide effective solutions, even in the face of complex situations. If you’re also dealing with issues with your sewer or plumbing, Schuler can help you out today!

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