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Fall Is Here, So Be Ready For Any Disaster


Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

After hearing a number of people in our community talk about preparing their Whitehall homes for fall without thinking about their plumbing, we decided that it was time to finally speak out. Your plumbing system is one of the most important systems in your home and might just be the most important.

There is nothing worse than discovering a broken pipe in the middle of winter, which is something our clients experienced in the past. The natural freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on a plumbing system, which is why we want to point out some disasters that can occur after Whitehall homeowners do not properly prepare their plumbing systems for fall.

Whitehall, PA fall_home_maintenance Leaving Water Hoses Out

Many people look at water hoses and don’t think twice about leaving those hoses connected. We understand that the faucets located on the outside of a home connect back to the interior plumbing system.

Leaving the faucets exposed and the hoses connected allows water in the hose to freeze as the temperature drops. The water may also back up inside the faucets and eventually reach the home’s main water line.

Freezing temperatures may also reach the home through those hoses and faucets, which can break the water lines. Covering up the faucets and removing the hoses can prevent the risk of pipes freezing.

Not Cleaning Gutters

One of the best times of year to clean the gutters on a home is in the fall. Animals may nest in those spaces in the spring or summer, and there is a risk of trash accumulating in the gutters too.

Though some don’t see a connection between gutters and plumbing, we know that debris in those gutters can lead to leaks and significant damage. That debris prevents water from rain and snow from reaching the downspouts.

As the water builds up, it eventually rises up and over the gutters, which can lead to the water damaging the foundation and leaving behind large cracks.

Leaving Pipes As-Is

In all our years of plumbing work, the biggest disasters we came across were from those who didn’t examine, inspect or prepare their pipes for the cooler temperatures of autumn.

We recommend inspecting and then wrapping the pipes to insulate the metal from those cooler temperatures, which prevents freezing and breaking. Homeowners can contact us to find out how to take care of fall maintenance and to prepare all their pipes for winter.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Schuler Service at (610) 991-7098 to get your Whitehall, PA home inspected.

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