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Explore These Common Plumbing Myths


Explore These Common Plumbing Myths

myth-or-fact Plumbing is an area of a home with which most homeowners are unfamiliar. Through media and word of mouth superstitions, many plumbing myths have been relayed from person to person through the years.

Here are some common myths of the plumbing world that you should be aware of if you are a current or future homeowner:

Creatures Can’t Swim Up Your Pipes

If you thought having creatures appear in your toilet and other drains was an urban myth, think again. In many areas of the world, having creatures appear in a home’s plumbing system can occur. Frogs are notorious for appearing in toilets and sinks, as they are attracted to the damp and dark pipes.

Rats are another common critter to appear in plumbing systems. They follow the scent of food that has been rinsed off or washed down pipes. The reason that they appear in toilets as well as sinks is that their sense of smell can get confused in the darkness of pipes, and they end up following the wrong drain.

Plungers Can Fix Any Clog

As handy and necessary as plungers can be in a household, they are not the be all end all tool of professional plumbers. Plungers are excellent for minor toilet and sink clogs, as they can disrupt a small blockage and send it down the drain.

But for moderate to major blockages, a plunger will not be enough to fix the issue. In this case, bigger tools and professional knowledge is necessary to clear the clog safely and effectively.

A Water Heater Can’t Explode

This is a myth that you must educate yourself on. Water heaters can – and will – explode if a malfunction occurs. Water heaters are pressurized and have a temperature-pressure (TPR) valve which controls and maintains a set pressure and temperature level. If the pressure in a water heater malfunctions and begins to increase, the extreme pressure inside the heater can cause it to erupt.

If you find your water heater is becoming over-pressurized, turn on any hot water tap in your house to lessen the pressure within the tank. As soon as you do this, turn off the power to your water tank and contact a plumber to address the issue.

A Leaking Faucet Isn’t That Bad

In truth, a leaking faucet is bad, both for the environment and your wallet. A slow, steady drip can waste up to $20 quickly, especially if the leak is from a hot water faucet.

Water enters our plumbing system under pressure, meaning our taps and faucets need a watertight seal to maintain this pressure. If you find a leaky faucet, try tightening the washer on the tap. If the leak remains unresolved, have a plumber come by to search for the cause of the leak. Plumbing professionals have the correct tools to fix an issue without causing more damage.

If Water is Still Going Down a Drain, the Drain Isn’t Clogged

Just because water goes down a drain, it doesn’t mean a drain isn’t clogged. If you notice a foul odor being emitted from your pipes, or water drains slowly from your sink, chances are there is a clog somewhere in the pipe system.

Slow drainage and bad smells can be a sign of a blockage far down your plumbing system, or even in the main line. Call a professional immediately to diagnose and fix the clog safely.

Schuler Service Inc. is a respected plumbing company in the Allentown, PA area. If you have questions about other plumbing myths, contact Schuler Service Inc. at (610) 434 7103.

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