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How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?


Nothing throws off your day like an emergency plumbing situation. You end up having to drop everything you needed or planned to get done in order to deal with the problem and prevent your home from sustaining major damage. 


In these situations, you need an emergency plumber on your side who can help you tackle the problem! At Schuler Service, we have the equipment, knowledge and experience that we need to fix any emergency plumbing problems that might arise in your home. Here are some of the things you should know about emergency plumbing!

What qualifies as a plumbing emergency?

Broken, Burst, or Frozen Pipe

Burst pipes are something you see a lot in cold climates, but they can happen anywhere. Your pipe might just be frozen, or it might have frozen and ended up bursting due to the increased pressure. Either way, it’s a disaster waiting to happen!


Standing water near your home’s plumbing system is a sure sign of a leak. If you can’t locate the leak yourself, you’ll need an experienced emergency plumber to locate it so it can be repaired to prevent further damage.

Blocked & Clogged Drains

A sink, bathtub, shower or toilet that is draining away slowly or not at all indicates a blocked or clogged drain. Some blockages can be removed on your own by using a plunger to dislodge it, but the more severe the blockage gets, the less likely this will be to work. A professional emergency plumber will have the tools needed to deal with it and get your drain working again!

Toilet Overflow & Clogs

An overflowing toilet is a problem that should be dealt with right away. A common cause is that water from the tank is continuing to flow, resulting in the bowl overflowing. You should look for the shut off valve behind the toilet and turn it until the toilet’s flow of water has completely stopped, then contact your local emergency plumber, who can help you get to the root of the issue.

Hot Water Heater Repair And Replacement

A leaking or broken hot water heater makes it hard to do just about everything in your home, from taking a shower to washing dishes. An emergency plumber like Schuler Service can help you to repair or replace your hot water heater and get you back on track!

How much does an emergency plumber cost?

When it comes to emergency plumbing services, every situation is different, so your best bet is to get in touch with your local emergency plumber to discuss their emergency plumbing costs. However, you can probably expect to spend somewhere between $100 to $500, depending on rates and on the specific problem that you’re facing.

What should I do now?

Once you’ve identified the fact that you’re having a plumbing problem in your home, take any necessary steps to prevent water damage, like finding a toilet shutoff valve, and then get in touch with Schuler Service right away! We’ll help you work on getting the issue fixed. 

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