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5 Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value


Purchasing a home is both an important achievement in life and a substantial investment in your future. New and current homeowners often benefit from looking for simple, cost-effective ways to improve their home’s value year-to-year, especially if they’re going to sell it in the near future. 

If you’re like approximately 70% of American homeowners, you probably think your house is your most important asset, and keeping it updated and appealing is crucial. The great news is that practicing regular maintenance and repairs while investing in marketable improvements are all incredible ways to bump up your home’s value over time. 

Let’s take a look at five efficient ways to bolster your home’s value to help make a great return on your investment.

Invest In Energy-efficient Appliances And Features

Modern home buyers tend to prioritize homes with eco-friendly features. This is typically due to a greater interest in sustainability and environmental impacts, with the awareness that energy efficiency saves money that adds up over time.

When upgrading in-home appliances—including everything from your oven to your furnace—look for energy-efficient equipment and tools that can reduce the cost of your electricity and gas bills.

Additionally, you might want to upgrade to a smart thermostat that helps your home improve its energy efficiency. This kind of thermostat helps your wallet and your utility bill every month.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Air quality is as much about the quality of indoor air as the air just outside your home. If you have dated carpets on your floors, they could be housing unwanted debris and allergens. To figure out if such needs replacing, you should hire a professional company to test the indoor air quality of your home. If the results show that your carpets should be replaced, its probably best to choose greener, natural products, including tile and laminate flooring. Afterall, hard surfaces are much easier to maintain, don’t house odors, and give your home an updated, appealing look.

Apply Fresh Coats Of Paint

If your home’s interior and exterior paint jobs seem a little worn, it might be time for a new coat. A DIY paint job often comes with a low cost for materials, but it can have an impressive impact on your home’s visual appeal.

Regardless of if you’re painting your family room, bedrooms, or even just the front door of your home, a vibrant coat of paint can help old surfaces look strikingly new, helping your home gain value over time. And a home with a record of increasing value can provide a big incentive to curious buyers looking for a quality living space.

Visually Improve Your Home’s Space

Your home’s size substantially affects its value, but square footage isn’t the way space matters to potential buyers. Orientation and how large a home feels matters too. Its essential to ensure each room in your house feels about as large as it can. You can replace heavy window drapes with vertical blinds or shutters to control the lighting and let more of it in, mainly because a sunny space feels bigger and more accessible. You can also put a single large mirror in a room to help make the area look bigger through reflections. But perhaps the most important way to make a room look bigger is to remove any clutter. To keep things in place and add spaciousness to most rooms, put in a quality shelving unit.

Keep Your Home Show-Ready

It probably feels inconvenient, but until you secure a buyer’s offer for your home, keep it in tip-top shape as long as you can. Make sure to clean every part of the house, and remember to make your windows and floors shine. You should also make certain that there are no offensive smells in any of the rooms. You can use an air-neutralizing spray that will help take out odors without masking your home’s naturally attractive atmosphere via chemical odors.

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