Why is my garbage disposal not working?

Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed


Allentown Garbage-Disposal-ServicesIf the garbage disposal stops working it could be caused by a jam inside the disposal. If it is then it could be fairly easy to repair. However the jam may be caused by other issues.

You may want to check your electrical panel to see if a fuse has gone out since a garbage disposal works by electricity. Another reason could be if the motor ceases to work. First shut of the electricity that runs the unit and carefully place your hand down inside the disposal. If the unit feels warm it could indicate that the motor has overheated and shut down. If this is the case then let the motor cool a while. Reset the unit after it has cooled and turn the electricity back on. Keep pressing the reset button until you hear a noise.

Another issue to cause your garbage disposal to fail is if the flywheel jams. This area can jam is you overload the disposal, put an inappropriate object inside like a meat bone or an object can accidentally falls inside like jewelry, coins or toys. This issue could be remedied by first shutting the power off and trying to remove the object that is causing the clog. If you cannot remove the object, there could be something stuck deeper between the unit’s impeller blades. You could try using the wooden handle of a force cup plunger to move around the flywheel area. Try to place it in the middle of the impeller blades and turn until the blades move.

Another issue that could stop a garbage disposal from working would be if the grind ring becomes jammed. Usually these are easy to fix. Before you tackle this you must shut off the electricity to the unit. Obtain as small sized hex wrench. Look through the outside bottom area of the disposal’s base for a small hole in the center. When you find the hole, put the wrench inside it and twist it. Move the wrench around until you feel the grind free up. Flip the power back and check to see if it works.

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