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When you’re in dire need of professional plumbing services in Neffs, PA, Schuler Service is your go-to solution! For more information, call us at (484) 263-0486 for immediate assistance. Be sure to take a look at our online specials and discounts as well!

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In order to be sure you’re getting the best help to keep your home and plumbing in working order, go with the best team in the area. Schuler Service knows what it takes to provide the best service in Neffs, PA. Our client reviews speak for themselves about the top quality assistance we provide!

For almost 100 years, Schuler Service has been serving the community and keeping plumbing in the Neffs, PA area working smoothly. With every new advancement and shift in standards, Schuler has stepped up to continue providing the best service possible. Our promise to you is that you’ll always get the same quality service that we pride ourselves on.

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Feature Master Plumbers and EPA-Certified Renovators.

Provide personalized service 24/7.

Stay active in professional associations, including the Allentown Master Plumbers Association, PHCC, and Better Business Bureau.

Count On Us For These Common Plumbing Issues

Everyone has experienced the inconvenience and frustration of a clogged toilet. A clogged pipe can lead to a lot of headaches and even damage other parts of your Neffs, PA home. This issue is caused by any number of factors, most commonly because there is a buildup of material such as too much toilet paper and objects that are too large for the pipe. When this happens, pressure can build up and wear on your pipes, leading to damage.

Even if not immediate, over time regular clogs can put strain on your pipes, potentially leading to burst pipes. One clog can indicate a consistent problem, so when you’re faced with one, give us a call to avoid potential damage to your system!

Though a minor annoyance, dripping faucets are also the cause of lost money. Over time, those drips and drops can add up, but you don’t need to worry. A quick visit from one of our local Neffs, PA specialists can stop that problem fast!

If you’re noticing a drop in water pressure, or discoloration on a wall or ceiling, you might be dealing with leaking pipes. If left unchecked, this can cause damage throughout your home, not only at the point of the leak, but elsewhere as well.

Having hot water is a necessity in this day and age, so when your water heater breaks, everything can come to a screeching halt. Being unable to wash clothes, dishes, or take a hot shower or bath is frustrating, so give us a call immediately when your water heater isn’t heating!

Low water pressure can indicate a few different issues. Once you notice that your pressure isn’t what it used to be, call our technicians ASAP! We’ll be out to your Neffs location right away to diagnose the source of your problem.

As soon as you notice an issue, don’t wait to contact our trained professionals available 24 hours a day. If you hold off on getting your plumbing looked at, those minor problems can become major issues fast. Don’t delay, and save on massive repairs down the road, when you have your pipes checked and evaluated by our professional technicians right away!

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Exceptional customer service is always the first priority for any plumbing job. That’s just one reason why Schuler Service is the ideal choice for plumbing in Neffs, PA and the surrounding areas.

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