How to Handle a Plumbing Emergency in Allentown

Are you ready for a plumbing emergency?


Allentown Emergency PlumberPlumbing emergencies can be very costly and damaging to household fixtures, and they can make a kitchen or bathroom look like they’ve been hit by a Type 3 hurricane. To minimize damage and costs, calling a plumber to deal with leaking and damaged pipes is the most reasonable thing to do. But there are two actions a homeowner can take to prevent further damage while waiting on the experts to arrive.

Locating a shut off valve under the sink is the quickest way to handle a typical plumbing emergency; it will stop the water from running out onto the floors and into the cabinets. The shut off valve is usually near the back end of a fixture or appliance. It can be turned off by turning it clockwise.

In case the shut-off valve is too hard to reach or is not shutting the water off completely, the main shut-off valve in the home is the second step you should try. First, turn off the main circuit breaker, then find the main shut-off valve for the home and turn it clockwise. Additionally, if the water heater runs on gas, turn off the gas supply as well. These preliminary steps will reduce the collateral damage of the leak.

Sometimes an emergency isn’t really an emergency. If an appliance is leaking, check the filter to see if it is clogged. This is a common mistake made by homeowners, believing there to be an emergency when there really isn’t one. If it is not clogged, it is time to call a repair specialist.

When it comes to emergency plumbing situations, it is best to shut off the valve at the back of the fixture. If it’s not possible to do so, then the main shut off valve in the home must be turned off. Turn it clockwise immediately after shutting off the circuit breaker and gas supply – ensuring that minimal damage occurs in the time it takes the professional plumbers to remove the damaged pipes or fixtures.

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