Are chemical drain cleaners safe?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Allentown Drain CleaningUsually when individuals have a drain which is clogged, they immediately reach for the chemical drain cleaner. It will seem like the product works to rid the drain clog however drain cleaners will unfortunately make the entire issue worst since these contain very dangerous chemicals.

Chemical drain cleaning solutions are made from several different substances which are very dangerous and have destructive properties. Obviously a drain cleaner must be strong since it must remove grease, soap and hair. However their elements also can deteriorate your pipes and eventually you will need to replace those same pipes. Also plumbing pipes and fixtures can be damaged which include your sink, faucets and drain covers. Actually many things which directly come in contact with a drain cleaner can suffer damage.

Over the counter drain cleaners are comprised from extremely corrosive elements in addition to those which are toxic. These elements can pose a danger to your health if their vapors are inhaled or they are accidentally swallowed or come into contact with your skin. You can take precautions but drain cleaners also can splatter which can get into your eyes. You may wear safety glasses and gloves to protect your skin but the chemicals may still find their way to surfaces causing danger. Since drain cleaners are highly toxic and unpredictable, these are extremely reactive to other common over the counter cleaning products. For instance if bleach gets mixed with a drain cleaner, you will wind up with very a toxic-chlorine mixture which is very poisonous.

Chemical drain cleaner also harm the environment. Any deposits which become left inside a bottle generally go to a landfill and they will end up in our soil. Once it gets into the soil it then winds up in our water, which can poison fish and other animals. This also winds up in our drinking water. There are many reasons why using chemical cleaners should be avoided. These cause plumbing fixtures and pipes to deteriorate, plus they are so harmful to an individual’s skin and overall health. A drain cleaner is a quick fix, but an unwise choice.

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